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About US!

Who are the people behind Green Smarts with the Green Man?!

Scott Prinzing: THE GREEN MAN!

Scott Prinzing is both the actor that plays the Green Man as well as the man who inspired the character! Scott's favorite color is green, and has been as long as he can remember. He started an ecology club with his little friends when he was just a tyke back in the olden days, and that was just the begining. He's always loved spending time outdoors hugging trees and hanging out with all his non-human (and human!) friends, and to this day still does this as much as he possibly can. Though now he mostly does this in the company of his wife Kris (better known as Lottie, and often as EcoLottie.) Which leads us to a little information about...

Kris(aka Lottie or EcoLottie) Prinzing: GREEN MAN's creator, scriptwriter, director, camera gal, editor, producer, agent and cook!! (and much more!)

A few years back now, Kris had the brilliant idea of putting her very own Green Man on camera when her giggles and chuckles became too much to keep to herself any longer. Why laugh alone when the whole world could be laughing with her? So, since Kris just happened to have the background of being both an educator AND a media-maker, she decided she'd use those skills to create an educational series for TV about the earth-lovin' green antics of her favorite eco-nut! Thus, Green Smarts with the Green Man was born!

Important Note: If it weren't for the foresight and perspicacity of about a dozen people who make up the Board of Trustees of the Greater Montana Foundation, none of this would have ever happened. Those fine folks gave MusEco (more about MusEco here) a small grant to produce the first two episodes of the series, and another grant two years later to help produce a couple more. And this just in: they gave us another one this year! THANK YOU, GREATER MONTANA FOUNDATION!