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Comic Books!

Who knew? Green Smarts with the Green Man COMIC BOOKS!

Just when you thought you'd seen it all!

Right now, as you read this, Green Man is reviewing the first printed draft of the very first issue of his COMIC BOOKS that regale his adventures for your reading and rereading pleasure! The comic book features TWO stories - "Green Man Cleans His Plate" and "Green Man Goes Local" (based on episodes by the same name, of course!)

But wait! Even better - this comic book is accessorized with crosswords, word games, coloring and other fun stuff right smackdab in its joyful center!! What could be more fun than that!?

Watch Green Man's social media for the big announcement of when his comic book hits the newsstands, so you can immediately run out and be the first of your friends to hold one in your hands! Recommend it to everyone you know!

Comic Book #1


What the heck could be more fun than THAT?!?!