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Press Room!

The Green Man's webpage just for his PressPals!

This page is all about making it easy for the media to learn about and get in touch with The Green Man, his producer and any other important Green Man team members. Now honestly, what could be more fun than that?




To arrange for an interview with the Green Man:
call 406-591-0575 and talk to Kris, or
email Green Man's peeps at

To arrange an interview with Green Man's producer/writer/director/cinematographer/editor/administrator:
same as above!

To arrange an interview with anyone from MusEco Media and Education Project:
once again, same as above!

Press Release Archive
The following links are archives of press releases (click to view a pdf of the release):
Green Man's Green Teen 101 at Parmly Billings Library!
Green Man hits the Public Airwaves of Montana!
Green Man brings fun to Flathead Valley Fans!
Green Man On the Air!


When we get our picture gallery done, you will have more pictures to choose from than there are ants on a sidewalk!