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Time for some Green Man Eco-Merch !

You'll be the envy of all your friends, relatives and even your enemies!

Naturally, The Green Man has some branded goodies for you to purchase in order that you can more easily spread the good Green word! Because The Green Man works hard to put his money where his mouth is, and wants to help everyone do the same, the goodies we have are 100% eco-wonderful! But, what does "eco-wonderful" mean? Is this some new, crazy certification that we haven't heard about yet?

Certainly not! Its just hyperbole! But meaningful hyperbole, actually!

Eco-wonderful means that the item is made from sustainable, planet-friendly and nontoxic materials by workers in dignified circumstances with fair compensation and, at the end of its life, the item is either recyclable, landfill-biodegradable or re-purposable (or all of the above!) Thats an eco-wonderful product!

BUT WAIT! HOW DO I GET MY ECO-WONDERFUL GREEN MAN ECO-MERCH?!?! (And what kind of stuff do ya got, anyhow?)

Tough questions! Thankfully, our answers are simple as a hydrogen fuel cell:


Well, we have organic cotton t-shirts with the FABULOUS* Green Man logo and URL on the front AND we have the even MORE FABULOUS* Green Smarts with the Green Man plant-based indoor/outdoor stickers! (See enticing images below....)

Hey! Its EcoLottie with cleanshaven Green Grampa!
What could be more fun than a Green Man ecosticker?

*The logos are the amazing brain-children of astoundingly talented illustrator/designer Margo De Paulis, whose website you can go to right HERE!!!

To purchase the fine Green Man Goodies pictured above (BTW: t-shirts $20, stickers $1):

Okay, this is not as easy as we would like it to be, but hey, Green Man's organization is small, nimble and unhindered by wealth or employees! So, here's what you have to do to leap over the eco-merch hurdle:

#1: Call the number 406-591-0575 and state what you would like to purchase, your name, your phone number and how fast you want your eco-merch to arrive. (Or you can email this info to
#2: Wait for a return call or email, where you will receive further instructions directly from Green Man's peeps.

Hey! Easy as apples!