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Broadcast the Green Man!

Put Green Smarts with the Green Man on the air!

Don't be the last one on your block to do it! Call us now and you may be the first!

Now that recognition of the need to conserve energy and other resources is main stream, the public wants reliable information on how they can live ‘greener’ lives – and do so easily and conveniently in their own communities.

It is the responsibility of institutions with the knowledge, experience and understanding of these topics and issues to meet the demand for this information by the public. MusEco, the organization that produces Green Smarts with the Green Man, has that expertise and experience.

Television has a unique capacity to effectively impart information related to adopting lifestyle changes. This is because modeling – demonstrating behavior by example – is the most natural, instinctive way for people to receive and integrate new information into their lives. This is why television and other visually-based media formats have such a profound impact, and is the reason advertisements in these formats are so effective.

Television is where Green Smarts with the Green Man belongs - both because TV is where the general public can most easily find it, and because the public knows that they can still rely upon on local broadcasters to bring them quality productions they can trust to help them live better lives.

So get in touch with us right now, and get Green Smarts with the Green Man airing on your station today!