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Sponsor the Green Man

What a great idea! Become a SPONSOR!

After all, Green Man cannot live on LAUGHS alone.

TV is expensive! That's why Green Man loves his sponsors, underwriters and grantors!

Becoming a sponsor of Green Smarts with the Green Man is as easy - and fun - as a tasty afternoon snack! But nowhere near as messy or fattening!

And remember, not only are you enabling us to bring sustainable-living information to the public in a format that is deeply effective, memorable and positive, but you have the opportunity to bask warmly in the positive glow of The Green Man, which enhances public perception and interest you, your products and your services! (Which is why we are so CHOOSY about our sponsors!)

Read more about it HERE in our brochure especially for sponsors!

So you want to be a sponsor or underwriter? Here's how! I'm Hungry!

Step 1: Take a deep breath.

Step 2: Call, email or text Kris at 406-591-0575 or
Step 3: Do whatever she tells you.

Step 4: Pat self on back, feel warm glow.

Thanks SO much!