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Green Man Fan Club!

HEY! It's the Green Man Fan Club!

So you're a fan of the Green Man, eh? Clearly, its time to be part of his official fan club! What could be more fun than that?!

WOW! Benefits! You're right - everyone’s a fan of the Green Man! But, not everyone has a Green Man Fan Club membership card to prove it! Join the Green Man’s official fan club now and get a membership card that will someday entitle the bearer to a discount on Green Man eco-goodies! Someday soon, really!

But, right away you will definitely get something else that is rather unique! What is that, you ask? A Green Smarts with the Green Man eco-sticker! COOL!

If you join at the SuperFan level, you'll get an actual GREEN MAN T-SHIRT, too! OMG! (*note: join quick to ensure widest size selection!)

But, what's in it for me - other than that?

As a member in good standing of the Official Green Man Fan Club (yes, that is the official name of the official club!), you will get to be first in line to help Green Man save the planet. You'll be next to The Green Man in the proverbial sandbag line! You'll be telling your kids about it when you're 90! Honest!


Its soooooo EASY!
Step 1: Take a deep breath.

Step 2: Write a check out to MusEco for $15 ($30 for SuperFan level!)

Step 3: Put it in an envelope (make sure it is either 100% PCC paper OR is being reused)

Step 4: Put on a stamp and address it to Green Man's peeps at the address listed in our Contact page.

Step 5: Seal the envelope.

Step 6: Deposit envelope into appropriate USPS-approved recepticle or hand it to a USPS-approved person.

Step 7: Await your goodies!