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Welcome to the Official Website of The Green Man!

Green Man is all about saving the earth - good thing it is SO MUCH FUN! Green Man's TV show Green Smarts with the Green Man documents the adventures of our hero as he saves the planet and has a great time doing it.

Green Man's adventures are broadcast on TV, of course! They can be seen at all times of the day and night on KTVQ Television (CBS) in Montana and Northern Wyoming, on the CW Network, and NOW, on Montana PBS too! What could be more fun?!?

Do you live somewhere else and want the Green Man on your airwaves? Quick! Call your local stations! Make a pest of yourself! Demand that The Green Man hits your local airwaves NOW!

Use the tabs above the masthead to find the links that will allow you to watch episodes, find out much more about the Green Man, and get some green livin' resources... and much, much more!

Important Note: Before we go any further, Green Smarts with the Green Man - and The Green Man himself - wish to thank the BELOVED underwriters of the series! These are the organizations whose support covers the rent and makes sure Green Man is fed, watered, cared for... and filmed in action, too!

Sylvan Peak of Red Lodge!
Montana Harvest

Yet ANOTHER Important Note: Green Smarts with the Green Man - and The Green Man himself also want to make sure to thank its BELOVED BROADCAST PARTNERS! (see above!) These are the stations who BRING THE GREEN MAN TO THE TELEVISION SETS OF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS! Clearly, without the support and enthusiasm of these benevolent organizations, The Green Man would not be THE Green Man!

And YET ANOTHER Important Note!!

A very, very special thanks to the
because of their initial and ongoing support for the project.

The Greater Montana Foundation benefits the people of Montana by enocouraging communication, with an emphasis on electronic media, on issues, trends and values of importance to present and future generations of Montanans.

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